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About us

Van Werven Plastic recycling specialises in creating high-quality raw materials from post-consumer rigid plastics collected from construction waste, industrial waste and municipal recycling centres.

Re-using raw materials is one of the key conditions to keep our earth livable for future generations. By closing the chain and re-using raw materials, we have taken an important step towards joint sustainable development. 


We have to keep structurally reducing our dependency on primary raw materials by bringing recycling processes to the next level. It is our mission to close the chain by making recycled plastics that can serve as a substitute for primary raw materials. Creating high-quality secondary raw materials is the only way to work towards a circular, non-subsidy-driven supply chain for raw materials, sustainable enterprise in its ultimate form.


Preconditions for high-quality recycling

Our work is based on the philosophy that building a circular economy is best done together. Together with waste disposers, together with industry.

  1. We are continuously investing in innovations that help us further broaden the market for our products.
  2. Our raw materials are tailored to customer needs, coordinated from our own laboratory and produced in high volumes, currently approx. 150,000 tonnes per year. As a result, we can guarantee consistent quality.

Our values

Driven by ambition, we are always looking for better solutions without losing sight of our real objective. We work hard, are constantly on the move and keep finding new connections, which has turned us into a versatile company.

Our collective desire - in all layers of the organisation - to be successful means that we can quickly shift our focus.

Van Werven has been a service provider since its origin. Service is in our DNA. We connect the interests of our customers, employees and society and respond to this with real solutions.

As a family business, we are at the heart of society. We experience and are truly responsible for society. We place great value on humanity, appreciation and respect.

We are who we are and let ourselves be guided primarily by feelings and common sense. Given our long-term vision, mutual trust forms the basis for continuity.

Local circularity in a European market

We are a proponent of recycling waste - thus retaining raw materials and increasing our knowledge - within Europe. The solution is not exporting plastic waste to Asia, we create the solution ourselves. That’s why we have several branches in Europe, which allow us to expand our processing capacity, make a bigger impact and achieve local circularity in more and more places. 


We are proud of the fact that our efforts have been recognised. In 2017, we won the Sustainable Investment Award in England. In 2011, we were awarded the Flevopenning for the most innovative business in Flevoland. Van Werven Plastic Recycling is also part of the Dutch SME Innovation Top 100, making it one of the most innovative businesses in the Netherlands. In 2012, UK Trade & Invest presented us with the Investment Award, and in the same year we won the European Business Award for Innovation.

Involved champion of interests

Van Werven is an active supporter of various initiatives that encourage waste recycling and the creation of raw materials through legislation and partnerships.

Your contribution to the circular supply chain for raw materials
Waste collection
Circulus-Berkel: "Source separation creates awareness"

“Europeans produce about 26 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, with only 30% being recycled. It’s been predicted that waste volume will have doubled by 2030. We’re faced with an enormous challenge. Municipalities and the government have to take charge.”

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Our ambition

Plastic recycling saw its careful beginnings in the 1990s, was shaped in the 2000s and has now reached the stage where recycled products can be considered equivalent substitutes for primary raw materials. As such, plastic recycling is now developing at a faster pace than relevant legislation.

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