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We produce high-quality regrinded products for the plastics industry for further use in pipelines, the automotive industry, construction materials, furniture and household items. We make new products sustainable by using existing raw materials.

To customer specifications

We provide regrinded PE, PP, PE-PP, HDPE, PVC, ABS and PS. In addition, we also produce micronized PVC. We provide approximately 50 customer-specific types of raw materials to customers all over Europe.

We determine these specifications in consultation with our customers, and our laboratory allows us to carefully monitor the composition of our products. All our raw materials consist of 100% used plastics. The advantage of recycled plastics is that we can select all additives used in the past at the start of the process on a client-by-client basis. This means that our recycled materials come with a range of added properties that will not have to be added at a later stage.

These additives and properties, including colour, melting point, impact resistance, stiffness and conductivity are tailored to our customers’ production processes. In order to achieve this, we cooperate closely with our customers, so that we can improve the entire chain of production processes together, leading to better business cases.


High quality regrinds

We are continuously investing in innovations that help us further broaden the market for our products. We recycle large volumes - approximately 150,000 tonnes a year - which makes it possible to

  1. produce final products of constant quality,
  2. guarantee volume continuity and
  3. provide products to precise customer specifications. 

Three key conditions for the successful re-use of recycled plastics in new products.

As such, Van Werven is a reliable partner for companies who want to contribute to a circular economy and have the ambition to help close the chain by recycling rigid plastics.

Up to
regrind purity


In our own laboratory, we test our regrinded products for quality and composition. Each shipment comes with a proof of quality. Our lab plays an important role in supplying final products tailored to customer needs; we work together with our customers to determine precise specifications and use these as the basis for our production processes.


Why choose our products?

  • Reduce cost compared to virgin material
  • Regrinds with purity up to 99%
  • Improve environment and make a real impact
  • We deliver large quantities and consistent quality
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Pipelife has 26 offices in Europe and the United States and employees 2,700 people. In 2016, revenue amounted to EUR 853 million. Pipeline is a subsidiary of the Wienerberger group, with a yearly revenue of EUR 3 billion. Pipeline Nederland is the largest supplier for gas pipeline distribution and is one of the main suppliers of water pipes, pvc tubes, sewer pipes and infiltration technology. 

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Recycling process

Together, recycling points, waste collectors and manufacturing companies supply us with approximately 150 million kg of post-consumer plastics. That’s enough to fill a giant football stadium. Our suppliers allow us to save around 375,000 tonnes of CO2. Virtually 100% of the plastic waste is recycled in a closed loop.

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