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ImerPlast: restrictions on exports to China offer great opportunities

ImerPlast is a company in the Imerys Group. The world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, Imerys delivers high value-added, functional solutions to a great number of sectors, from processing industries to consumer goods and building products.

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Imerys is a listed company with an annual revenue of over 4 billion euros, present in 50 countries. Van Werven’s ground plastics are used by ImerPlast.

ImerPlast blends the compound with carefully selected feeds and additives, and sells pellets to secondary converters including extrusion and injection to make pipe or injection moulded items for the construction, automotive, packaging and horticultural markets. ImerPlast is a platform built around the properties of the compatibilized mixed polyolefin. The mechanical properties of this compound are superior to the mixed polyolefin upon which it is based. It also offers better mechanical properties than even the most heavily sorted High Density Polyethylene. 

Francisco Millar is the general manager at ImerPlast. 

The management of a family business versus a listed company is different, but we share the same goal: successful, mutually financially beneficial relationships.

Francisco Millar , General Manager at ImerPlast.

What can you say about volumes and impact?

These are likely to continue to grow. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for ImerPlast is its compatibilization technology, and it is through this technology that we add most value. It is also that compatibilization that adds the most impact. It allows us to reach >95% recycled content in some applications. Through the ImerPlast EuCertPlast certification customers can now apply to use the Blaue Engel logo on customer facing goods and it also demonstrates our engagement in terms of the Circular Economy. 

What could you say about the collaboration with Van Werven? Why do you work with us? 

The relationship with Van Werven has been a successful one. We appreciate your reliability as a supplier and the quality and consistency of the product we purchase from you. Reliable suppliers are key to our success. Your expansion into other countries is sure to encourage us to expand our operations outside the UK.

The management of a family business versus a listed company is different, but we share the same goal: successful, mutually financially beneficial relationships.

What is your vision for the (near) future and your strategy on re-use and the circular economy?

Looking forward to the challenges that the restrictions on exports to China can offer, as this might mean a higher percentage of mixed polyolefins becoming available. The EU circular economy package means that a greater focus than ever will be placed on recyclers whilst the public's understanding about waste and litter has never been higher. These will result in better support for the recycling industry and allow for a more stable and financially viable industry. The future therefore seems to be very interesting and ImerPlast intends to be a significant player in the growth that is sure to follow, with a product range developed using good polymer science, one of our core skills.

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