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'Van Werven tree' in the garden of the embassy in Dublin

Last week, on the Day of the Entrepreneur, the Dutch embassy in Ireland visited our plant in Dublin. As a token of appreciation for the contribution to the Irish sustainability goals, a tree was planted in the name of Van Werven by the embassy.

In addition to a warm welcome from Van Werven and the Irish partner, replacement ambassador Yaron Oppenheimer and a delegation of employees were given explanations about the activities and their circular purpose. Van Werven is the first company in Ireland to recycle plastics on a large scale. Dublin is Ireland's central traffic junction, which means we are well positioned logistically. CEO Ton van der Giessen: "With this agreement we hope for closer cooperation between the government and the business community in order to promote the circular economy."

Reuse, recycling and reduce

The embassy states that they are enormously motivated by the visit and are encouraged to reuse, recycle and, where possible, reduce waste. In daily life, and in order to enhance the sustainability of the Embassy.

Van der Giessen is enthusiastic about how the Irish government stimulates the circular economy: "With the right control measures you promote the feasibility of a circular business model and the market does the rest."

24 hours a day

Van Werven Plastic Recycling in Dublin expanded with an automatic washing, sorting and grinding line last March. This line is now running 24 hours a day and more than fifty employees are employed. Read more about it here.  

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