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New website for plastic recycling:

From now on, you will be able to find everything about plastic recycling on The website is multilingual and it extensively tells you about the recycling of hard plastics, the use of secondary material and Van Werven’s ambition to promote recycling in legislation.

Ten years ago, Van Werven started recycling hard plastics like garden furniture, crates and pipes from construction waste, industrial waste and environmental waste. Meanwhile, that volume increased to 120.000 tons a year- which is comparable filling the Amsterdam Arena. Van Werven works across Europe, from six different locations. Our regrind is produced to  customer specifications and as such is treated as a high-quality secondary raw material used in the manufacturing industry.


Not only has Van Werven developed a strong business model around the recycling of plastics, it also aims for better legislation in Den Haag and Brussel. Regularly, recyclers see that legislation mostly focuses on possible risks instead of possibilities. That still happens, although European consumers waste 26 million tons of plastics a year, of which not even 30% gets recycled. On you can find more information about that topic.

Ambition highlights our ambitions for the future of the company. With the ban on exporting plastic waste to China, the demand for the recycling of this waste stream only gets bigger.

Managing director Ton van der Giessen: ‘‘We support recycling waste – and therefore the preservation of materials and growth of knowledge- in Europe. The solution is not exporting plastic waste to Asia, we create the solution ourselves. That is why we have different locations in Europe whereby we build our volumes, have more impact and are locally effective in an increasing amount of places.’’

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