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Van Werven will recycle Belgian household PP plastics in 2022

BELGIUM - Van Werven will recycle household PP plastics in Belgium this year. The company signed a contract with Fost Plus, the organization that is responsible for the collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging waste in Belgium.

Last year, Fost Plus introduced ‘the New Blue Bag’. In addition to plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and drink cartons, Belgian consumers are also allowed to deposit PP plastic packaging in this new bag. From ice cream containers to butter tubs: PP plastic packaging that disappears in this New Blue Bag in 2022 will end up at Van Werven in Lanaken. Since January, this recycling company has been processing a large part of Belgian household PP plastic packaging into a new raw material, of which new products are made.

"PP plastic packaging that disappears in this New Blue Bag in 2022, will end up at Van Werven in Lanaken."

'The New Blue Bag'

Arne Herpoele, general manager at Van Werven, is pleased with the arrival of the New Blue Bag. “This way we can recycle even more plastic, which saves a lot of energy and CO2 emissions. We are proud that Van Werven can contribute this year. Based on our mission of 'closing the chain', we have been active in plastic recycling for seventeen years. Van Werven now works at seven locations in Europe, so we have a lot of experience and capacity.”

The process

Curious what the journey of discarded PP plastic packaging waste looks like this year? After the intermunicipal company has collected the New Blue Bag at home, the packaging is sorted at various sorting installations and pressed into large bales. The baled PP packaging then arrives at Van Werven in Lanaken, Belgian frontrunner in the recycling of used hard plastics. They shred the plastic, clean it, check the quality and make regrind. This packaging regrind then goes to Raff Plastics in Houthulst. They melt it up and mix in different additives, such as coloring agents, based on the requirements of the end-customer. Ultimately, all kinds of small plastic granules are created, from which a producer can make new plastic products. A laundry basket, waste bin, crate or bucket for example!

About Van Werven Plastic Recycling

Van Werven has been creating high-quality raw materials from used hard plastics for seventeen years. Based on a local vision, the company operates from seven locations in Europe. Van Werven is one of the frontrunners in an initiating role in shaping the plastics recycling industry.


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