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Swedish award for Van Werven Plastic Recycling: waste processor of the year

Van Werven Plastic Recycling in Sweden can call itself 'waste processor of the year'. This was announced on December 1st, during the recyclinggala in Stockholm. Ton van der Giessen, CEO, and David Hallgren, co-shareholder, received the award on behalf of Van Werven.

A total of three companies were nominated for the award. Van Werven Plastic Recycling emerged as the winner. From the jury report: 'In the past year, Van Werven built a new, innovative washing and grinding line in Sweden. With this investment, the company creates conditions for the recycling of hard plastics from recyclingcenters and the construction sector.”

Festive evening

Van Werven is happy with the recognition. “We were already surprised when we heard that we had been nominated for this award,” says Ton van der Giessen. “And now we even won it! It is great that others notice us; we are very proud." The ceremony took place during a recyclinggala. “Unfortunately, the whole thing was in Swedish”, Ton laughs. “So I have not been able to follow much of it. Fortunately, there was plenty to see: the ambiance was beautiful. The event took place in a ballroom that dates back to 1863. And we were the first to receive an award, so I was able to spend the rest of the evening celebrating and enjoying the atmosphere.

New washing and grinding line

Van Werven Plastic Recycling opened its branch in Sweden four years ago. The company has now acquired a good position in the Swedish market. Van Werven started by sorting plastics. Thanks to a new washing and grinding line that was built this year, it can also produce its own end-products now. Ton: “An award like this motivates us to continue developing. The next step is to sell our products in Sweden.”

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The recyclinggala

The Swedish award ceremony is organized every year. “The recyclingindustry has many successful, wise and courageous companies. We want to give them a stage, reward them and encourage them to develop further. That is why we present awards to winners in eight different categories during a festive gala. During this event, all parts of the industry can meet and exchange experiences. Together we celebrate the heroes of the industry.”

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